The 5th Asian Mayors Forum General Assembly "Smart, Resilient and livable Asian Cities"

Asian Mayors Forum (AMF) as an international nongovernmental organization was founded in Tehran 2008 following the proposal of Tehran Municipality to Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) which was approved in 2007. 

The founding meeting and the first General Assembly was held in Tehran with the participation of about 90 Asian mayors and urban leaders.

Asian Mayors Forum has chosen its motto as: "Asia for Citizens: Integration for better life" and its main goal is developing cooperation and integrity of Asian cities and citizens.

AMF held its second, third and fourth meeting in Istanbul, Bangkok and Haikou, respectively.

According to the declaration of the Fourth General Assembly, Haikou, China 2014, the Fifth General Assembly of AMF will be held on 29 November to 2 December 2018 in the city of Gaziantep, Turkey. The theme of the meeting is "Smart, Resilient and livable Asian Cities". It is expected that concentration of the AMF member cities on these important and key topics will contribute to improving the quality of life of citizens in Asian cities.

We are confident that the event will provide a continental and international opportunity for networking and to share the knowledge and experiences among Asian mayors and city leaders.

The secretariat of AMF in collaboration with historical and cultural city of Gaziantep as a Silk Road city, a City of Gastronomy in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, the home to the biggest Mosaic Museum of the world, the 6th largest city of Turkey and the 1st populated city in the south eastern of Anatolia, is planning a comprehensive program to see the concerns and expectations of member cities in urban and local development and management.

In addition to the 6th AMF Executive Board Meeting and the 5th AMF General Assembly, four technical sessions are arranged:

Traffic and Transportation (mobility) of Asian Cities;

Asian Smart Cities 
Asian Resilient Cities 
Asian Livable Cities


 UCLG Annual Retreat 2019 & Meeting of UCLG Committee on Statutory Affairs

2019 edition of UCLG Annual Retreat will take place on 11-15 February 2019, in Barcelona, Spain.

 Local Economic Development in Host Communities Workshop

“Ev Sahibi Topluluklarda Yerel Ekonomik Kalkınma” başlıklı, Ev Sahibi Belediyeler öğrenme ağı toplantısı, Alman Uluslararası İşbirliği Kurumu (GIZ), Gaziantep Büyükşehir Belediyesi, Dünya Bankası Grubu’nun ortaklığında, Dünya Bankası Güney-Güney Programı, Birleşmiş Kentler ve Yerel Yönetimler Orta Doğu ve Batı Asya Bölge Teşkilatı (UCLG-MEWA), CIHEAM Bari ve Uluslararası Çalışma Örgütü (ILO)’nün desteğiyle Akdeniz Entegrasyon Merkezi tarafından 19-22 Kasım 2018 tarihleri arasında Gaziantep'de düzenlenecektir.

 The 5th Asian Mayors Forum General Assembly "Smart, Resilient and livable Asian Cities"

The 5th Asian Mayors Forum General Assembly "Smart, Resilient and livable Asian Cities" 29 November - 2 December 2018 Gaziantep, Turkey


United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA) Executive Bureau and Council Joint Meeting and UCLG-MEWA Urban Mobility Şanlıurfa Summit will be held on 20-22 November 2018, under the auspices of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality.


23 Ekim 2018 Salı günü saat 15.00’da UCLG-MEWA Genel Sekreterliği’nde gerçekleştireceğimiz söyleşimize sizleri de bekliyoruz.

 2018 UCLG World Council: Program and Agendas

As you know, the World Council will take place from 5 to 8 November in Madrid, back-to-back with the second edition of the World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace, at the kind invitation of Mayor Manuela Carmena.

 Save the date: UCLG-MEWA Urban Mobility Şanlıurfa Summit, 20-22 November 2018, Şanlıurfa, Turkey

As an activity of the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Urban Mobility, “UCLG-MEWA Urban Mobility Şanlıurfa Summit” will be organized on 20-22 November 2018, under the auspices of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey.

 Kartepe Summit 2018: “Migration, Refugees and Humanity”

After its first edition on "July 15th and Coups D'etat," the second edition of Kartepe Summit will be held with the theme "Migration, Refugees and Humanity", in Kartepe, Kocaeli, Turkey on 26-28 October 2018.


The 3rd Meeting of the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Environment will take place on 7-8 August 2018, under the auspices of Selçuklu (Konya) Municipality.


UCLG-MEWA is organizing Local Government Talks on the axis of Sustainable Development Goals since 2017. The Talks are continuing this month by hosting Mr. İsmail Gülal, Member of the Advisory Board of Istanbul Tulip Foundation!