UCLG – Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation

The UCLG Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation, commonly abbreviated as the Guangzhou Award, was launched in 2012 and is presented biannually in the City of Guangzhou, China. Co-hosted by UCLG, the World Association of Major Metropolises (Metropolis) as well as the Guangzhou Municipal Government, the Guangzhou Award rewards innovations that improve socio-economic environments, promote sustainability and advance the livelihood of inhabitants of a city or a region. This award hence aims to encourage innovative projects by recognizing outstanding innovative practices initiated in the public sector.

2016 will see the 3rd edition of the Guangzhou Award. Previous editions have honored a total of 10 initiatives coming from 10 cities or regions worldwide. This year’s edition is special in that it will at the same time serve as a platform to inform the public of initiatives implemented in the adoption of Goal 11 of the UN’s SDGs: 15 shortlisted cities including the 5 winners will thus have the opportunity to make their voices heard by presenting their initiatives and contributions to the attainment of Goal 11 of the Agenda for SDGs by an international community of experts, as well as have their projects featured in exhibitions, professional and academic journals, policy papers and briefs, newsletters and websites that reach out to thousands of readers from a number of cities worldwide.

Any city or region in the world including UCLG and Metropolis members which have initiatives that meet the combined criteria of being an original undertaking that is still ongoing or recently completed with substantial proof of impact that is in line with its original objective are eligible for application. All participations should be registered before June 30th 2016 with the Guangzhou Award Secretariat and for further details regarding guidelines on eligibility as well as submission procedures please refer to the following link : http://www.guangzhouaward.org  and strictly follow the Calendar below:


June 30th 2016 – Registration deadline (Expression of interest)

August 31st 2016 – Submission deadline (Submission of initiatives)

October 2016 – Announcement of the 15 short-listed cities after evaluation by the Technical Committee

December 2016 – Final selection by the Jury; the Guangzhou Award Ceremony

The five winning cities will be announced at the Award Ceremony and will receive a 20000 USD prize each as reward.

UCLG City of Bogotá Peace Prize

The UCLG City of Bogota Peace Prize was launched in 2008 following the First World Conference on City Diplomacy, where proposal to launch a local government peace prize in order to highlight the role of local governments in promoting peace, dialogue and reconstruction throughout the world were put forward, resulting in the creation of the UCLG City of Bogota Peace Prize. The Prize hence is to be awarded to local governments who either work to prevent or overcome conflicts in their own community, or who have helped local governments in conflict areas in their striving for peace or justice.

The UCLG City of Bogotá Peace Prize is supported by the Provincial Council of Barcelona and developed with expertise of PAX and VNG International, within the framework of the UCLG Committee on Development Cooperation and City Diplomacy.


In order to apply for the UCLG City of Bogotá Peace Prize for local governments, please refer to the official registration page (http://www.peaceprize.uclg.org/en/apply) and complete the application form.


November 2015: Peace Prize presented, nominations invited

May 31st 2016: Closing date for nominations

July 2016: Final shortlist of 6 nominees chosen by the Jury.

October 2016: Jury convenes to hear oral presentations made by shortlisted local governments. The Award Ceremony takes place during the UCLG World Congress in Bogotá between October 12th and 15th 2016.

International Award UCLG - MEXICO City - Culture21

The objective of the "International Award UCLG – MEXICO CITY – Culture 21" is to recognise leading cities and individuals that have distinguished themselves through their contribution to culture as a key dimension in sustainable cities.

The "International Award UCLG – MEXICO CITY – Culture 21" has two categories: the City / Local or Regional Government Award, which recognises a city, local or regional government the cultural policy of which has contributed significantly to linking the values of culture (heritage, diversity, creativity and transmission of knowledge) with democratic governance, citizen participation and sustainable development, and the Individual Award, which recognises an internationally renowned individual who has made a fundamental contribution to the relationship between culture and sustainable development.


In May 2016, the Jury selected the winners:

-  In the category “City, Local or Regional Government”: the city of Timbuktu, for their programme “Cultural heritage and reinvigoration of socio-economic activities in Timbuktu”, and the city of Vaudreuil-Dorion, for their programme “I am… / The adventure of one community in the middle of a transformation”.

-  In the “Individual” category: Jon Hawkes and Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui.

 The Jury also decided to give a special mention to the following cities:

-   Busan (Republic of Korea) – “Historic downtown culture cluster ‘Totatoga’”

-   Dakar (Senegal) – “School of Commons”

-   Kaunas (Lithuania) – “The Šančiai Cabbage Field Project – small scale seeks big transformation”

-   Lake Megantic (Quebec, Canada) – “Rebuilding Lake Mégantic”

-   Montevideo (Uruguay) – “Cultural Co-Management Civic Centre: SACUDE”


December 5th 2015 ı Launch of the Call. 
March 15th 2016 ı Deadline for submission of applications. 
May 2016 ı Selection of winners.
May 27th 2016 ı Announcement of the winners.
Late 2016 ı Awards ceremony in Mexico City.

The Awards ceremony will take place in Mexico City in October or November 2016.


 Local Economic Development in Host Communities Workshop

“Ev Sahibi Topluluklarda Yerel Ekonomik Kalkınma” başlıklı, Ev Sahibi Belediyeler öğrenme ağı toplantısı, Alman Uluslararası İşbirliği Kurumu (GIZ), Gaziantep Büyükşehir Belediyesi, Dünya Bankası Grubu’nun ortaklığında, Dünya Bankası Güney-Güney Programı, Birleşmiş Kentler ve Yerel Yönetimler Orta Doğu ve Batı Asya Bölge Teşkilatı (UCLG-MEWA), CIHEAM Bari ve Uluslararası Çalışma Örgütü (ILO)’nün desteğiyle Akdeniz Entegrasyon Merkezi tarafından 19-22 Kasım 2018 tarihleri arasında Gaziantep'de düzenlenecektir.

 The 5th Asian Mayors Forum General Assembly "Smart, Resilient and livable Asian Cities"

The 5th Asian Mayors Forum General Assembly "Smart, Resilient and livable Asian Cities" 29 November - 2 December 2018 Gaziantep, Turkey


United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA) Executive Bureau and Council Joint Meeting and UCLG-MEWA Urban Mobility Şanlıurfa Summit will be held on 20-22 November 2018, under the auspices of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality.


23 Ekim 2018 Salı günü saat 15.00’da UCLG-MEWA Genel Sekreterliği’nde gerçekleştireceğimiz söyleşimize sizleri de bekliyoruz.

 2018 UCLG World Council: Program and Agendas

As you know, the World Council will take place from 5 to 8 November in Madrid, back-to-back with the second edition of the World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace, at the kind invitation of Mayor Manuela Carmena.

 Save the date: UCLG-MEWA Urban Mobility Şanlıurfa Summit, 20-22 November 2018, Şanlıurfa, Turkey

As an activity of the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Urban Mobility, “UCLG-MEWA Urban Mobility Şanlıurfa Summit” will be organized on 20-22 November 2018, under the auspices of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey.

 Kartepe Summit 2018: “Migration, Refugees and Humanity”

After its first edition on "July 15th and Coups D'etat," the second edition of Kartepe Summit will be held with the theme "Migration, Refugees and Humanity", in Kartepe, Kocaeli, Turkey on 26-28 October 2018.


The 3rd Meeting of the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Environment will take place on 7-8 August 2018, under the auspices of Selçuklu (Konya) Municipality.


UCLG-MEWA is organizing Local Government Talks on the axis of Sustainable Development Goals since 2017. The Talks are continuing this month by hosting Mr. İsmail Gülal, Member of the Advisory Board of Istanbul Tulip Foundation!


Following the UCLG Executive Bureau held in Strasbourg, France, on 23-25 May 2018, we are pleased to enclose the Report on Key Decisions.