3-Year Program of Activity of the Committee on Smart Cities and Urban Mobility is Ready

UCLG-MEWA Committee on Smart Cities and Urban Mobility Presidency Meeting was held under the presidency of Mr. Mohammed Ezzati Gharibdousti, Deputy Mayor of Tabriz and Co-President of the Committee, in Tehran, Iran on November 3, 2019. During the Meeting, the 3-Year Program of Activity and Policy Paper of the Committee on Smart Cities and Urban Mobility were discussed in detail to strengthen our institutional structure. Mehmet Can Hallaç, Head of Transportation at Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, underlined the importance of the speed for public transportation during the discussion, while Mürsel Sabancı, Deputy Mayor of Balıkesir, drew attention to the importance of software technology to collect data. On the other hand, Mr Alireza Baghban Hadigheh, Manager of Tabriz Municipality, stated that the exchange of experience would be an effective method in order not to repeat the mistakes made in the field of smart city. The fruitful meeting concluded with the expression of wishes and desires by the Committee Presidency members.

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