3rd meeting of the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Urban Mobility

UCLG-MEWA organized the 3rd meeting of the Committee on Urban Mobility on 2 December 2016 during TRANSIST 2016, the Istanbul Transport Congress and Exhibition, with the cooperation of IETT, the Committee’s President.

“Local Governments are the main actors of the SDGs localization and implementation”

Mr. Mehmet DUMAN, the UCLG-MEWA Secretary General and Mr. Arif EMECEN, the IETT General Director, started the meeting by their respective opening speeches.

Mr. DUMAN highlighted in his speech that the main focus of UCLG-MEWA should be on the localization and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particularly, the SDG 9, in the field of transport.

He insisted also on the important role of local authorities in MEWA region in achieving sustainable urban mobility in cities to provide a better quality of life for citizens.

Nablus representative proposed to hold the 4th meeting of UCLG-MEWA Committee on Urban Mobility

In the administrative session moderated by the Deputy General Manager of IETT, Mr. Ahmet BAĞIŞ, Şanlıurfa and Konya Metropolitan Municipalities have been accepted as members in the Committee. The Program of Activities for 2017 has been reviewed and new activities have been proposed by the members. Members proposed to have trainings for the municipal staff on road safety from which they can get a certificate. Mr. BAĞIŞ made a call for the hosting of the 4th Committee meeting in 2017; Representatives of Nablus Municipality (Palestine) and Izmir Metropolitan Municipalities proposed to be the next host.

Members and partners exchanged on Innovative Transportation Systems, Public Transport in the MEWA Region and Projects. These sessions have been moderated by Prof. Dr. Khalid ABBAS, the Former Dean Egypt National Institute of Transport and the Expert Public Transport in Dubai.

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