UCLG-MEWA continues to follow the developments and programs related to the thematic areas under its committees. We were at the 6th Istanbul Carbon Summit.

Hosted by Istanbul Technical University on 09 April 2019, the sixth edition of the Istanbul Carbon Summit took placed ,under the topics of Carbon Management, Carbon Technologies, and Carbon Trade. The program was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SÜT-D), and many representatives from the private firms, academy, non-governmental organizations, and the public sector were attended the Summit.

The fifth edition of this summit was organized under the theme “Climate Finance and the Challenge of Climate Change in Industry” last year. This year participants discussed many issues including but not limited to green  economy, Turkey’s effort to fight against climate change and carbon management ve carbon industry in the 2019 edition of the Summit. The program started with the opening speeches of Filiz Karaosmanoğlu, Professor at the Istanbul Technical University and the President of the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association; Mehmet Karaca, Istanbul Technical University Rector; and Sebahattin Dökmeci, Deputy General Director of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

This year, as in every year, the award  named ”Low Carbon Heroes”  found its owners. Stating that they receive a huge number of applications for this award, which is given since 2015,  Professor Dr.. Karaosmanoğlu indicated that a this number is proportional to increasing importance of the green economy in Turkey. Professor Dr. Karaosmanoğlu also underlined that the applications were evaluated according to SÜT-D’s aim of creating a widespread carbon management awareness and sustainable living culture. She also stated that training and awareness-raising activities on carbon reduction were rewarded with technical studies.

The list of the total number of 29 Low Carbon Heroes receiving the award is as follows:

– Afşar Bala Women Cooperative: Climate-Friendly Afşar Bala’m Products From Afşar Hands

– Academy Environment: Reduce the Future Carbon Footprint with Education

– Aksa Natural Gas: Let It Go Natural, Let It Protect The Climate

– Aluform Pekintaş: Producing with Sun, Low Carbon Footprint Product

– Aves: Less Carbon Roads With Waste Vegetable Oil Biodiesel

– Pressurized Irrigation Industrialists Association (BASUSAD): Pressurized Irrigation for Climate Friendly Agriculture

– Biodiesel Industry Association: Local Green Fuel Biodiesel

– BSH Turkey: Climate-Friendly Surface Cleaning

– Bursagaz: Social Gas

– Enerjisa Production: Green Power of Water in Natural Gas Plant

– Enervis: Waste Heat Recovery in Aluminum Melting Furnace

– Escon: Most Energy Efficient Food Facility

– Istanbul Tree and Landscape: Combating Climate Change with Soilless Agriculture

– İstanbul Kadıköy Hayrullah Kefoğlu Anatolian High School: Our Carbon Footprint is Green

– ITC Integrated Waste Management: 1 Tomato Saves 5 Ton Carbon

– Green Chemicals: Single Bathroom Coating with Non-Power Zero Carbon Footprint

– Kalekim: Useful Traces in Shipment

– Kolza Recycling: More Education, Cleaner Turkey

– MT Greenword: SDG4 Kids Sustainability Game with Children

– Nestle Turkey: Eco-Friendly Choices in Transportation

– Nuh Çimento: Low Carbon Footprint Cement Formulation

– Pendik Municipality: Collect and Separate Packaging Waste

– Polisan Kansai Dye: Dye Plant with Leed Green Certificate Standard

– Ozturk Energy – Kahramanmaras Metropolitan Municipality: Organic Wastes are Zeroised by Transforming to Energy

– Shell & Turcas Petrol: Think Green, Move Green

– Thermax: Waste Heat Recovery at Large Plant

– Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB): Carbon-Neutral Banking

– Türk Telekom: Efficient Cooling, Climate Friendly Communication

– Zorlu Energy: Investment in the Future with Clean Transportation

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