As UCLG-MEWA family, we express our solidarity with the Lebanese people and local government officials about the sad events that happened in the city of Tripoli on 29 January 2021. We are concerned about the news on the loss of a human life, injured people, and setting on fire of the historic Tripoli Municipal Hall following the city-wide protests.

Tripoli Municipality and the Al-Fayhaa Union of Municipalities, which also includes Tripoli Municipality, have long been active members of the UCLG network, contributing to the global agenda on empowering local governments.

In these difficult days that the city has been going through, we call on the international community, especially the UCLG family, to stand in firm solidarity in responding to the most urgent needs of the city of Tripoli and providing necessary assistance to help recover the loss incurred and to restore the historic buildings which have been damaged during the clashes.

Should you need to explore how you can provide support, please contact Tripoli Municipality at, Tele: +961 3 967 839, and copy .

We wish peaceful days to come for Lebanon as soon as possible.

UCLG-MEWA General Secretariat

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