CMI: Webinar on Solid Waste Management

Host Municipalities Webinar on Solid Waste Management on February 9th, 2017 which is carried out by Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), focused on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and new technologies in waste management and gathered together around 20 municipal and governmental representatives, as well as other international and national stakeholders from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Greece, Turkey, France and Malta. The Webinar emphasized the issues about how to implement the best practices and how the use of new technologies can shape new waste management solutions.

Among the participants, representing UCLG-MEWA, Mr. Fatih Hoşoğlu, Operations Manager, İSTAÇ A.Ş. / Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, presented about “Energy Generation from Waste In Cities Hosting Refugees.”

A summary of the Webinar is available on this page with the South West Waste Management Project. For more information and speakers’ presentations, you can visit the official website of CMI by this address.

 Main recommendations of the were:

  • More exchanges on integrated waste management approaches and practical solutions for PPPs in managing waste;
  • Identifications of master plans for effective short- and medium-term waste management solutions.
  • Focusing on both countries hosting refugees and in post-conflict and fragile contexts for a wider knowledge- and experience-sharing on innovative waste management solutions;
  • Continuation of the exchange with other MENA and European experiences;

Next steps will be the organization of a second Webinar focusing on integrated waste management approaches and practical solutions for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in managing waste, which will take place in the next three months, as well as continuous updates, follow-up and discussions on the Host Municipalities Network – private Facebook group.

This Facebook group is managed by the Center for Mediterranean Integration, as part of the Mediterranean Refugees and Host Communities Program. You can contact with address.

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