A Cooperation Protocol was signed between UCLG-MEWA and the Association for Supporting Women Candidates (KA.DER) on September 4, 2020. The protocol will take concrete steps for effective cooperation that will include joint advocacy activities such as women's empowerment events and projects at the local level. This cooperation was initiated in order to strengthen local governments and non-governmental organizations and to increase the cooperation opportunities between them. The Protocol was signed within the scope of the Project on "Monitoring Equality in Municipalities." The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the capacities of municipalities that show a strong will for women friendly cities. Women's access to health, education, social services, employment opportunities, inclusive urban services will be improved, services will be developed to prevent violence against women, and accordingly, capacity building trainings for municipalities will be organized.

In addition to these, advocacy activities regarding the legal empowerment of women in political, economic and social life will be carried out. This cooperation aims to make a difference by increasing women's participation in decision-making processes at the local level within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is planned to develop and implement projects on issues such as institutionalizing gender equality and strengthening institutional capacity of municipalities.

With the strong cooperation between UCLG-MEWA and KA.DER, further efforts will be made to improve social peace in cities. Partnerships play an important role in the local implementation of global agendas. In this regard, the Sustainable Development Goals also encourage cooperation. Both parties aim to support their members and partners to facilitate their participation in activities and projects. Within the scope of joint works, sustainable development at the local level will be supported by way of contributing to the empowerment of women and increasing the capacity of municipalities.

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