The ECO-CLIMATE Summit/Fair, which was organized under the leadership of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO), was held on March 30-31 at the ATO Congressium. At the summit, where stakeholders from the private and public sectors and local governments were present, the climate crisis and its effects on various sectors were discussed in various simultaneous sessions.

The EKO-IKLIM Summit, which was held under the leadership of ATO on March 30-31, attracted great attention by thousands of participants and visitors from Turkey as well as from the world. Photography, art and fashion exhibitions and concerts were held for two days in the fair area, where many institutions such as banks, private schools, associations, NGOs and private companies were present. In the simultaneous sessions, financing of green transformation, related support programs, sectoral works on climate crisis, economic effects and opportunities were discussed by many experts.

The session titled “Green Transformation in Metropolitan Cities”, which was held on the first day of the Summit, was moderated by Halil İbrahim Yılmaz, Vice President of ATO and President of Ankara City Council. Fatma Şahin, President of Union of Turkish Municipalities and Mayor of Gaziantep, Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara, Uğur İbrahim Altay, UCLG Co-President and Mayor of Konya, Assoc. Dr. Lütfü Savaş, Mayor of Hatay and Yücel Yılmaz, Mayor of Balıkesir talked about the works and projects focusing on green transformation of their respective municipalities.

On the second day of the Summit, in the session titled “Green Transformation in Local Governments” and moderated by Mehmet Duman, UCLG-MEWA Secretary General, the mayors talked about green transformation projects and good practices they are carrying out in their municipalities. In the session held with the participation of Lokman Atasoy, Advisor to the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Celal Köse, Mayor of Yozgat, Selim Utku Gümrükçü, Mayor of Çiğli, and Zinnur Büyükgöz, Mayor of Gebze, the participants presented the works and exemplary practices in their municipalities. At the end of the session, where ecology education for young and children, the use and treatment of waste water and water, measures to be taken regarding air-water cleaning and sustainable climate action plans were discussed, Turkish Feed Manufacturers Association President Ülkü Karakuş presented plaques to the participants.

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