Committee on Culture and Tourism


The Middle East and West Asia Region, which has been home to countless civilizations, is one of the biggest tourism hubs in the world with its rich and vibrant cultural heritage. Without a doubt, local governments have a fundamental responsibility to sustainably safeguard and cherish this cultural heritage for future generations.

It is necessary to adopt local sustainable policies in order to further reveal this potential of the region and to increase the added value it provides to the region. In doing so, local dynamics must be maintained as well as strengthened by global achievements.

In this light, the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Culture and Tourism operates in line with the following priorities:

  • Advocating for participation in cultural life for everyone
  • Facilitating culture and tourism based decentralized cooperation initiatives
  • Dissemination of sustainable tourism practices
  • Strengthening the role of local governments in the conservation and management of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage
  • Strengthening the role of culture in sustainable development
  • 🇹🇷 Balıkesir Metropolitan MunicipalityPresident
  • 🇵🇸 Beit Sahour MunicipalityCo-President
  • Girne MunicipalityCo-President
  • 🇹🇷 Mersin Metropolitan MunicipalityCo-President
  • 🇹🇷 Şanlıurfa Metropolitan MunicipalityCo-President
  • 🇮🇷 Tehran MunicipalityCo-President
Member List
No. Institution Country
1. Acıgöl Municipality Türkiye
2. Ain El Tineh Municipality Lebanon
3. Al-Buraij Municipality Palestine
4. Altındağ Municipality Türkiye
5. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
6. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
7. Assoun Municipality Lebanon
8. Bağcılar Municipality Türkiye
9. Bakhoun Municipality Lebanon
10. Baninaim Municipality Palestine
11. Beit El Faqs Municipality Lebanon
12. Beit Jala Municipality Palestine
13. Beylikdüzü Municipality Türkiye
14. Bikaasefrine Municipality Lebanon
15. Bkarsouna Municipality Lebanon
16. Btormaz Municipality Lebanon
17. Çanakkale Municipality Türkiye
18. Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
19. Dura Municipality Palestine
20. Ein Elbasha Municipality Jordan
21. El Khalil Municipality Palestine
22. Eyüpsultan Municipality Türkiye
23. Eyyübiye Municipality Türkiye
24. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
25. Gebze Municipality Türkiye
26. Greater Irbid Municipality Jordan
27. Harf Siyad Municipality Lebanon
28. İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
29. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
30. Jerash Municipality Jordan
31. Karatay Municipality Türkiye
32. Karesi Municipality Türkiye
33. Kfarchellan Municipality Lebanon
34. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
35. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
36. Kütahya Municipality Türkiye
37. Mrah El Sfireh Municipality Lebanon
38. Mrah El Sraj Municipality Lebanon
39. Nablus Municipality Palestine
40. Nilüfer Municipality Türkiye
41. Oğuzeli Municipality Türkiye
42. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
43. Pendik Municipality Türkiye
44. Ramallah Municipality Palestine
45. Seferihisar Municipality Türkiye
46. Selçuklu Municipality Türkiye
47. Sier Municipality Palestine
48. Sultanbeyli Municipality Türkiye
49. Tabriz Municipality Iran
50. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
51. Uçhisar Municipality Türkiye
52. Union of City Councils of Türkiye Türkiye
53. Union of Dannieh Municipalities Lebanon
54. Union of Energy Cities Türkiye
55. Union of Municipalities Jabal El Skeikh Lebanon
56. Union of Municipalities Minieh Lebanon
57. Union of Municipalities of Chark Zahleh Lebanon
58. Urla Municipality Türkiye
59. Ümraniye Municipality Türkiye
60. Ürgüp Municipality Türkiye
61. World Academy For Local Government and Democracy (WALD) Türkiye
62. Yenişehir Municipality Türkiye
Committee Focal Point

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