Committee on Smart Cities and Urban Mobility


Cities experience various problems caused by the disproportional population growth. Metropolitan Cities may have difficulty to meet the needs with fast and efficient services, especially in times of disasters and crises.  From time to time, providing services regarding fundamental societal needs such as housing, urban transport, education and production-consumption may become a burden for local governments. There is a need for sustainable solutions in times of fast-paced technology to global concepts which are affecting local level such as climate change and migration, regardless of the city scale.

However, as stated in the New Urban Agenda, local governments are big part of the solution as they are big part of the problem.  Informal modes of transportation are emerging in the MEWA Region due to the high difference in income distribution. These informal modes of transportation are not considered safe since they cannot be regulated.  By disseminating new trends, such as micro mobility or shared mobility trends, different approaches to mobility should be provided to citizens and unsafe ways to travel should be annihilated. It is also important for local governments to produce sustainable solutions in their city planning like data-based policies, green buildings, inclusive urban transport and others.  In light of these information, the prioritized activity areas for UCLG-MEWA are as follows:

  • Building capacities in regard to safe and disaggregated data.
  • Improving sustainable urban transport.
  • Mainstreaming safe and diverse transportation modes.
  • Instigating inclusive, transparent and sustainable cities.
Committee Focal Point

Communication and Information Technologies Department

  • 🇮🇷 Tehran MunicipalityPresident
  • 🇹🇷 Gaziantep Metropolitan MunicipalityCo-President
  • 🇹🇷 Gebze MunicipalityCo-President
  • 🇯🇴 Greater Irbid MunicipalityCo-President
  • 🇵🇸 Ramallah MunicipalityCo-President
  • 🇹🇷 Şanlıurfa Metropolitan MunicipalityCo-President
Member List
1. Tehran Municipality Iran
2. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
3. Gebze Municipality Türkiye
4. Greater Irbid Municipality Jordan
5. Ramallah Municipality Palestine
6. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
7. Abasan Al-Kabira Municipality Palestine
8. Adana Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
9. Ain El Tineh Municipality Lebanon
10. Al Buraij Municipality Palestine
11. Altındağ Municipality Türkiye
12. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
13. Arab Towns Organization (ATO) Kuwait
14. Bağcılar Municipality Türkiye
15. Bakhoun Municipality Lebanon
16. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
17. Bani Suhaila Municipality Palestine
18. Baninaim Municipality Palestine
19. Beit Jala Municipality Palestine
20. Beit Lahia Municipality Palestine
21. Beit Sahour Municipality Palestine
22. Bikaasafrine Municipality Lebanon
23. Büyükçekmece Municipality Türkiye
24. Gaziosmanpaşa Municipality Türkiye
25. Güzelyurt Municipality TRNC
26. Harf Siyad Municipality Lebanon
27. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
28. Karesi Municipality Türkiye
29. Khan Younis Municipality Palestine
30. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
31. Makseh Municipality Lebanon
32. Mashhad Municipality Iran
33. Mezitli Municipality Türkiye
34. Mrah Es Sraj Municipality Lebanon
35. Nuseirat Municipality Palestine
36. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
37. Rize Municipality Türkiye
38. Salfeet Municipality Palestine
39. Selçuklu Municipality Türkiye
40. Sier Municipality Palestine
41. Sultanbeyli Municipality Türkiye
42. Syr Municipality Lebanon
43. Union of Albeqaa Alawsat Municipalities Lebanon
44. Union of Chark Zahleh Municipalities Lebanon
45. Union of City Councils of Türkiye Türkiye
46. Union of Dannieh Municipalities Lebanon
47. Union of Energy Cities Türkiye
48. Union of Jerd El Kaytee Municipalities Lebanon
49. Union of Turkish Municipalities of Cyprus TRNC
50. Ümraniye Municipality Türkiye
51. Ürgüp Municipality Türkiye
52. World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD) Türkiye
53. *Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
54. * Karatay Municipality Türkiye
55. *Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye