Committee on Social Inclusion


The destructive effects of climate change, natural disasters, wars, economic crises and many other problems are mostly seen on the vulnerable parts of our society. Therefore, the city’s resilience can manifest itself most in the strategies and policies adopted for the disadvantaged groups in that city. These strategies and policies will be more feasible and effective, especially when they are fed by local dynamics.

The Middle East and West Asia Region is frequently referred to when it comes to the subject of migration. Migration management and social cohesion are always of a priority in the region’s agenda, a region that is home to the biggest numbers of migrants.

The issue of social inclusion is of vital importance in terms of mitigating, eliminating or preventing negative effects in cities. The most critical aspect of ensuring social cohesion is that efforts to achieve this begin locally. The realization of change starting from the bottom up is a key element in reaching more permanent solutions in cities. By adopting this approach, the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Social Inclusion acts as a bridge between local and global levels to develop more coherent policies.

The working areas of the committee are as follows:

  • Migration and refugees
  • Homelessness
  • Disability
  • Old age
  • Poverty
  • Children and youth

The Committee also operates within the scope of localizing framework documents in international migration legislation such as the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) and the Global Compact for Safe, Systematic and Regular Migration (GCM). In this context, the committee carries out the secretariat role of the Global Task Force on Migration (GTFM), which is the follow-up mechanism of the Gaziantep Declaration which was opened for signature in 2019 to work as an experience sharing platform in the fields of migration and refugees.

  • 🇹🇷 The Union of Municipalities of Türkiye (TBB)President
  • 🇹🇷 Adana Metropolitan MunicipalityCo-President
  • 🇹🇷 Beylikdüzü MunicipalityCo-President
  • 🇵🇸 Salfeet MunicipalityCo-President
  • 🇹🇷 Sultanbeyli MunicipalityCo-President
  • 🇮🇷 Tehran MunicipalityCo-President
Member List
No. Institution Country
1. Al Buraij Municipality Palestine
2. Arab Towns Organization (ATO) Kuwait
3. Bağcılar Municipality Türkiye
4. Bakhoun Municipality Lebanon
5. Baninaim Municipality Palestine
6. Beit El Faqs Municipality Lebanon
7. Bkarsouna Municipality Lebanon
8. Büyükçekmece Municipality Türkiye
9. Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
10. Dura Municipality Palestine
11. Eyyübiye Municipality Türkiye
12. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
13. Greater Amman Municipality Jordan
14. Greater Irbid Municipality Jordan
15. Güzelyurt Municipality TRNC
16. Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
17. Karatay Municipality Türkiye
18. Karesi Municipality Türkiye
19. Makseh Municipality Lebanon
20. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
21. Nuseirat Municipality Palestine
22. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
23. Qarsita Municipality Lebanon
24. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye
25. Sier Municipality Palestine
26. Syr Municipality Lebanon
27. Union of Al Sahel Municipalities Lebanon
28. Union of Albeqaa Alawsat Municipalities Lebanon
29. Union of City Counsils of Türkiye Türkiye
30. Union of Dannieh Municipalities Lebanon
31. Union of Khalid Valley Municipalities Lebanon
32. Union of Minieh Municipalities Lebanon
33. Urla Municipality Türkiye
34. World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD) Türkiye
Committee Focal Point

International Relations Department