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UCLG-MEWA Volunteer Program

Welcome to the web page of the UCLG-MEWA Volunteer Program. UCLG-MEWA is a leading regional organization that conducts activities on sustainability, local democracy, and urbanization, and promotes cooperation and solidarity between local governments in the Middle East and West Asia region.

Why does volunteering matter?

Volunteering is a great way to vocalize our need to improve society and make concrete steps towards it. UCLG-MEWA encourages volunteers to provide assistance in its mission and its projects. You can be one of those who empower local governments and contribute to the sustainable development goals.

How to volunteer?

We provide multiple and different opportunities for volunteers. You can volunteer by participating in the activities of UCLG-MEWA, supporting our events, helping with work-flow for communications and media, and even sharing your expertise and know-how on a subject to contribute to our projects.

Why should you become a UCLG-MEWA volunteer?

  1. The opportunity to make a change: Projects and initiatives of UCLG-MEWA have the potential to create positive change at a local level. By volunteering, you can actively participate in this process.
  2. Networking: UCLG-MEWA connects local governments and civil society organizations.  By volunteering, you can also improve your international network.
  3. Personal and professional development: Volunteering could help you at developing your leadership, communication and project management skills.
  4. Contribution to the community: By contributing to our local communities, you can also work for building a more sustainable and equitable future as well.

How to apply?

If you wish to volunteer, you can apply by clicking here.

For your questions, please contact via e-mail.


To create opportunities for individuals who wish to volunteer in regards to their interests and capabilities, to provide areas of application for the improvement of their professional skills, and to contribute to the works of the United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA).


Pertaining to the structure of the organization, it is aimed to promote the organization while respecting the principle, “Leave no one behind” and integrating the potential applicants into UCLG-MEWA Volunteer Program.


A volunteer is defined as; a person who participates in activities benefiting United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Regional Organization(UCLG-MEWA), by utilizing their knowledge, skill, talent, ability, and time, without the incentive of any profit or material gain, according to their consenting free will, within the framework of the organizations mission, consistently and/or for a certain period of time.

We as UCLG-MEWA value the participation of volunteers in our work. Its contribution towards providing an innovative perspective and popularizing them in the field of local governance is invaluable.

Article III.
Our organization’s outlook towards volunteers includes values such as; respect for diversity, constant improvement, organizational belonging, equality, and innovativeness.

Article IV.
The volunteering policy of the organization is based upon principles of fairness and equality. Any form of discrimination based on a volunteer’s race, language, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, denomination, etc. is not tolerated. This principle also applies to the relationships between volunteers themselves. Mutual trust, respect, and compassion are expected.

Article V.
Efforts are made to respect differences and establish a discrimination-free working zone within the organization. In this regard, it is crucial for employees to present equal opportunities to volunteers and to be in full cooperation with them.

Article VI.
Volunteers submit their applications to become eligible to volunteer within the organization. Applications are evaluated and then finalized with an interview. According to their interests and talents, appropriate positions will be considered. The period of volunteering is tracked, meaning required adjustments are made with the help of two-way communication between the superior and volunteers. UCLG-MEWA Projects Coordinator is deemed responsible for the entirety of the aforementioned process, including the conservation of the required personal documents of the volunteer in a folder named after themselves.

Article VII.
The traction of the activities of the volunteer is the responsibility of the coordinator of the department in which the volunteer is commissioned.

Article VIII.
The applicants of the volunteering program will be contacted about their process 30 days after the date of their initial application.

Article IX.
The orientation of the volunteers, which includes a job description regarding the activities they are going to carry out within UCLG-MEWA, is conducted by their respective coordinators. An information booklet about their process is provided to the volunteer.

Article X.
Before their activities commence, a contract is presented to the volunteers about their responsibilities and organizational policies. They are expected to read the contract thoroughly and sign it accordingly.

Article XI.
In order to procure the UCLG-MEWA “Volunteer Certificate” the designated minimum number of 30 (thirty) days of volunteering needs to be achieved.

Article XII.
An activity schedule is planned in reference to the availability of the volunteer. Their attendance of at least two and at most four days a week is expected.

Article XIII.
The volunteer is obligated to fulfill their responsibilities and contact their coordinator for a review in case of failure to do so.

Article XIV.
In the act of noncompliance with the contract, or deviating from the program without prior notice, or violating the confidentiality agreement of UCLG-MEWA, a unilateral cancellation of the “Volunteer Contract” is in order, to terminate the volunteering process.

Article XV.
Individuals participating in the volunteering activities are required to comply with; the UCLG-MEWA Policy Document, Human Resources Policy Document, and United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Regional Organization Intern/Volunteer Clarification Text, drafted in accordance with the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL).

Article XVI.
After signing the Volunteer Contract, an e-mail address with the domain is provided to the volunteers. Volunteers are encouraged to benefit from the organizational facilities as much as possible. Volunteers are required to bring their own working computers. Otherwise, a computer can be lent out by the organization within possibility.

Article XVII.
The relevant coordinator is in charge of the job planning, the counseling, and the provision of support regarding the relevant department of activity for the volunteer. In addition, the volunteer is expected to consult their coordinator when faced with problems about volunteering activities.

Article XVIII.
The necessary assistance with personal development, time & stress management, and technological competence is offered to the volunteers. To better themselves, volunteers are included in training sessions.

Article XIX.
The coordinator holds a feedback session on the volunteering process. The feedback of the volunteer will be taken into consideration to improve the process.

Article XX.
Our volunteers are monitored and reviewed during the process by relevant coordinators.

Article XXI.
Feedback on volunteers from the employees, visitors, or members is shared with the volunteers. To the volunteers who offered their support according to the activity schedule, a “Volunteer Achievement Certificate” affirming their successful completion of the process, is presented.