Eurasia Local Governments Congress took place in Kazan, capital of Republic of Tatarstan, on 31 July 2015, with the participation of Mehmet DUMAN, UCLG-MEWA Secretary General.
Delegations from UCLG-MEWA region, including participants from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Safranbolu Municipality, participated in the congress themed ”Local Decisions for Global Development: Towards Eurasia Integration”.
In the congress which started with the opening speech of Ilsur Metshin, Mayor of Kazan, Rustem Minnikhanov, the President of Tatarstan also made an opening speech in which he mentioned the importance of local authorities in Eurasian integration process. Subsequent to the speech of the President, a Collaboration Agreement was signed between UCLG Eurasia and UCLG ASPAC. Bernadia Irawati, Secretary General of UCLG ASPAC, stated that this agreement should be an example for the other sections, and that they are willing to sign other agreements with the other sections.


Mehmet DUMAN, UCLG-MEWA Secretary General gave a speech in the general session on ”Current situation and Expectations on Eurasia Integration” and stated that local governments need to be encouraged in order to be involved in global decision-making process.  Mr. DUMAN, also noted that projects need to be produced in order to increase cooperation between ethnic and religious elements.  Mr. Secretary General also stated in his speech that existence of the regional integration concept is very important for Eurasia region to use its potential. Emphasizing the friendly relations between UCLG-MEWA and UCLG EURASIA, Mehmet DUMAN also underlined their support to the works of UCLG Eurasia.
Dr. Necdet Aksoy, Mayor of Safranbolu (Turkey) who took the floor in the Congress, mentioned the cooperation that they established with UCLG Eurasia and Kazan Municipality.
The Congress which continued with the General Assembly of UCLG Eurasia, Ilsur Metshin, Mayor of Kazan was once again elected as the President of the UCLG Eurasia. Moreover, it was decided that the next general assembly will be held in 2016 in parallel with UCLG Congress in Bogota, Columbia.
Subsequent to the General Assembly, Volga Region Cities Association General Meeting was held. Mehmet Duman, presented a plaque to Ilsur Metshin, Mayor of Kazan and President of UCLG Eurasia, and expressed his wishes for the continuity of the cooperation between UCLG-MEWA and UCLG Eurasia.
The events which started on 30 July Thursday with the Opening Ceremony of FINA World Championship, continued with the Eurasia Local Governments Congress on 31 July 2015, and they ended on 1 August 2015 with the opening ceremony of Sabantuy Fest, which is a national Tatar holiday.


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