The meeting of the expert group of the united nation habitat has been held on 27-28 October 2016 in the capital of Lebanon Beirut, by Office of the Arab region to the UN Habitat program. UCLG-MEWA participated in the meeting in addition to the participation of many representatives of countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and many other countries. Which has been represented by the representatives of the States and local governments, international and national organizations.

In the context of the meeting, many presentations have been presented, by the participants about the current situation of local governments in the Arab region. Especially the region that receives the refugees, and UCLG-MEWA had a presentation about the activities of the organization in the field of Immigration and for refugees.

The meeting was for two days and all participants in the meeting attended to a session for discussions, that has been held by the end of the meeting.

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