UCLG-MEWA held the first coordination meeting of 2023. After the general evaluation of 2022, innovations and activities that shed light on the new year’s strategy were discussed.

The first Executive Bureau Meeting of the year, which Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality will host, was discussed. It was emphasized that the work on the process will be accelerated after receiving feedback on clarifying the proposed dates.

Information about the changes made in the departments with the decision to restructure the General Secretariat’s organizational structure that facilitates the activities was given. Furthermore, new changes can be expected in the upcoming period, and the necessary directions will be issued.

Focus was laid on the possible activities in the new period to provide representation in countries within the operational area of ​​UCLG-MEWA and where there are no members, strengthening established contacts and developing country-specific strategies and action plans in the region. The importance of planning consular and embassy visits was emphasized, based on the determination that it is possible to reach local governments of countries with a centralist tendency through consulates and embassies.

The practice of publishing congratulatory messages on religious and national holidays and special days of each country and sending messages to the former and incumbent presidents of the member countries where local government elections were held to strengthen relations with the existing members was also suggested.

The decision to complete the design process of the institutional website, finalize the preparations for the 4th issue of MEWA Agora and upload the magazine to the website, and host press representatives of local governments to boost the activities of the communication department was also taken.

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