An interactive training workshop on climate awareness was held for Syrian Refugee children and Turkish children at a middle school in Istanbul.

The event, sponsored by the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) and facilitated by the UCLG-MEWA, the Refugees Association, aimed to bring together Turkish and Syrian students, both to raise climate awareness and to facilitate the integration of Syrian children. The Turkish and Syrian refugee students enrolled at the school were shown basic and important concepts of climate change and its implications. The students participated in various playful activities including sculpturing, clay modeling, and drawing.

Chaden Diyab who works as an expert with a French-based non-profit organization ‘Association Dialogue’ for green education delivered the training which contained topics on recycling and global warming.

The first day of the training was also participated by Dilşad Ölçen, the focal person of the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Environment, and Junaid Rafiq, UCLG-MEWA Communications Department.

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