Gender equality is an issue that should be taken into consideration by all societies and individuals. Dissemination of women’s rights, improving the social and political participation of women are the responsibility of every individual. A more liveable world with the perspective of ‘‘strong women, strong society’’ is only possible through our efforts. We, as United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA), are aware of the sensitivity of this issue and therefore, in order to increase the participation of local governments in this topic and follow up the international agenda, and we have launched the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Gender Equality.

On behalf of UCLG-MEWA Committee on Gender Equality, we would like to share with you that we are supporting HeForShe Campaign that has been launched by UN Women, aiming at raising awareness related to the responsibility that should be taken by men in order to overcome any kind of discrimination and violence against girls and women.

As UCLG-MEWA Secretariat General, knowing that gender equality issue is not to be solved only by women’s solidarity, we would like to mention that we will take a stand with women in the fight against gender inequality in the world and particularly in our region, and put all the efforts in order to overcome this problem.

As the distinguished members of UCLG-MEWA family, you can support the campaign that our Secretariat is involved, and you can share your photos and messages via your web sites and social media channels.

On this occasion, we would like to stress my ambition for a world where women can live in more security and peace and where there is no gender inequality, and we would like to celebrate the 8th of March, International Women’s Day of all women and girls in our region and all around the world.

Campaign support of Mehmet Duman, UCLG-MEWA Secretary General:


HeForShe website: http://www.heforshe.org

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