3rd Meeting of the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Environment will take place on 7-8 August 2018, under the auspices of Selçuklu Municipality, in Konya, Turkey.

In the meeting, participants will discuss the issues on the policies on fighting against climate change, process of the preparation of action plan, water and wastewater management strategies in the cities, and resilient cities on climate change.

During the meeting, participants will also review the current situation on the implementation of the leading international agreements on climate change. The details for the preparation processes for the carbon inventory and climate action plans will also be addressed. In the administrative session, where the members will discuss the administrative affairs of the Committee, Water and Wastewater Task Force will be established, as the seventh task force. Besides, the Committee members will determine the structure of the Consultative Board, a platform organized to technically facilitate the activities of all task forces.

Attached please find the meeting program, updated member list, and Task Forces tables. Please note that simultaneous interpretation in UCLG-MEWA’s working languages, Arabic, English and Turkish, will be provided.

Please also note that accommodation and flight costs will be covered by the participants themselves. As for the participation in the meeting, please contact with Ms. Ebru AKYOL (e.akyol@uclg-mewa.org / 0212 511 10 10-117) and Mr. Barış TİMUR (b.timur@uclg-mewa.org / 0212 511 10 10-103).

We look forward to your kind contribution and participation in this program.

Kind regards,

Committee on Environment Member List
Istanbul Declaration of Malatya Agreement
Task Forces

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