UCLG-MEWA has participated in the international workshop among Kütahya Municipality and Pecs Municipality that was held in the framework of Town Twinning Program by EU Grant Scheme.

Representatives from Kütahya (Turkey) and Pecs (Hungary) which have been sister cities since 1975, have come together to determine a shared vision and goals within the context of “The Project on Culture and Creativity for Strengthening Cooperation” that is backed by Town Twinning Action Between Turkey and the EU Grant Scheme. In the program, Kütahya Municipality was represented by a delegation consisting of municipal staff and representatives from universities, NGOs and professional chambers. City of Pecs was present with a delegation from universities, professional chambers, creative industrial cluster, NGOs and private sector.

The workshop has started with the speech of Prof. Alim Işık, Mayor of Kütahya. Salim Korkmaz, UCLG-MEWA General Coordinator, informed participants regarding the organizational structure, operational processes, and cultural approach of UCLG World Organization and UCLG-MEWA. Moreover, Jordi Pascual, Coordinator of UCLG Committee on Culture, participated by video conference in the event and made a presentation considering localizing cultural policies in global agendas, Agenda 21 for culture, and “Culture in Sustainable Development Goals: A Guide for Local Action.”

Since the keyword of “The Project on Culture and Creativity for Strengthening Cooperation” is ‘participation’, participants were divided into four groups and came together in the sessions for developing shared goals and vision. The program ended with workshops on reviving historic sites and creating a new cultural infrastructure, clustering, free movement of goods and services, increasing brand value, strengthening collaboration between universities and professional chambers, and enhancing participation of civil society in decision-making processes.

In the program that has continued for Thursday and Friday, Salim Korkmaz, UCLG-MEWA General Coordinator, moderated one of the Round Table Meetings in which project ideas, for long-running cooperation, were discussed.

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