Letter of Condolence

Dear President,

On behalf of United Cities and Local Governments, our team and members around the world, I would like to convey to you our most sincere regret and express our concern  for the events during and around the failed coup on 15th July.

We would further like to express our heartfelt condolences to the workers of the Istanbul Municipality that we understand have been victims of violence, and in some cases have lost their lives.

We sincerely hope that democratic values and the rule of law will prevail and that the people of Istanbul can continue enjoying their freedoms.

We share the view that democracy is a primary factor to create peaceful cities, and join you in the wish to see brighter days by uniting against any kind of coup and tyranny.

We can only imagine the added complexity that this context brings to the exercise of the daily responsibilities of your council, and the important weight on your shoulders as local leader of all the people of Istanbul.

I remain at your disposal and wish you, your team and the people of Istanbul the very best in these difficult times.



Josep Roig

Letter of Condolences from Josep Roig, UCLG Secretary General to Dr. Kadir Topbaş



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