Luleburgaz and Ramallah Municipalities are shortlisted for Guangzhou Award

Lüleburgaz and Ramallah Municipalities have been selected among the 15 shortlisted cities between the 3000 candidate cities worldwide for Guangzhou International Urban Innovation Award, also known as Guangzhou Award!

In order to support Lüleburgaz and Ramallah Municipalities from MEWA Region, please click on Lüleburgaz and Ramallah in the link provided below before the Guangzhou Award Ceremony that will take place on 5-8 November 2016, in Guangzhou, China:

Note: You can vote hourly for your choices.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Seferihisar Municipality are selected as the outstanding initiatives.  IMM, with its Megacity Indicator System Project for Disaster Risk Management in Istanbul, and Seferihisar Municipality, with its Public Card for Financial Aid System (Seferikart), are among 45 outstanding initiatives. 

About the Guangzhou Award

Guangzhou International Urban Innovation Award, also known as Guangzhou Award, was inspired by the long-term cooperation of the city with UCLG since its foundation in 2004, and with Metropolis since 1993.

Guangzhou Award, organized by UCLG, Metropolis and Guangzhou Municipal Management, aims at enhancing the socio-economical environment in cities and regions, fostering sustainability and thus awarding innovations made for increasing the means of the livelihood within the community.  The award, granted biennially, fosters and recognizes the innovative projects and activities that are prominent in the public sector.

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