Metropolitan governance publication

Dear partners,

We are happy to announce the release of the joint study “Unpacking Metropolitan Governance for Sustainable Development”, published by UN-Habitat and the GIZ.

Against the background of rapid urbanization, the face of cities is changing as they are becoming spatially, functionally and economically interdependent with their surrounding settlements and rural areas. Thereby, metropolitan regions often extend beyond administrative and political boundaries. New forms of power relations between the different levels of government emerge and stronger coordination and cooperation is required.

This study shall give insights into ways metropolitan regions are governed and how it relates with the good urban governance principles. The study analyzes different forms of institutional governance structures at a metropolitan level and presents a set of thematic entry points for governance reforms, as well as mechanisms and instruments for metropolitan management. Local and national governments, urban decision makers as well as international development organizations will find in this discussion paper a set of policy recommendations. The analysis and recommendations for metropolitan governance are exemplified by a collection of case studies.
This publication aims to feed the international debate on transforming urbanization and contribute to the development of the New Urban Agenda.

Grateful if you could disseminate it in your networks. And happy reading !

Unpacking Metropolitan Governance.pdf

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