MEWA Agora: A New Magazine for Cities

After reaching out to its members and stakeholders as a periodical ‘Newsletter’ since 2013, UCLG-MEWA will now be with you quarterly with renewed design, name and content – MEWA Agora.

In the first issue of MEWA Agora, focusing on “Cities and Peacebuilding“, the magazine looks at the Russia-Ukraine crisis and all other conflicts from a local perspective. The content of the Focus section is as follows: the feature on ‘Between Utopia and Reality: City Diplomacy and Peace’; the article on ‘The Role of Local Governments in Peacebuilding’ by Tarık Kupusovic, Former Mayor of Sarajevo; the interview with Oleksandr Slobozhan, Executive Director of the Assosiaciton of Ukrainian Cities; and finaly UCLG’s role in the Peace Building as good practice.

In the Urban Columns, you can read a wide range of opinions from the international climate change agenda to cultural heritage, from women’s right to vote to the problem of homelessness.

You can get to know Mersin closely in the City Overview, and you can read the review of Turgut Cansever’s Ottoman City in the Book Review.



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