New Urban Agenda was adopted in Quito

Habitat III Conference was held on 17-20 October 2016 in Quito, Capital of Ecuador.  During the Conference, where 30.000 participants worldwide was accredited; national delegations, local governments, NGOs and other stakeholders have engaged in negotiations on how the next 20 years of cities and human settlements will be shaped, through the Plenary Sessions, parallel events and side events. 4 day-long Conference was concluded with adoption of the New Urban Agenda. Local governments which gathered for the Conference, organized the Second World Assembly of Local and Regional Leaders in Quito. Members of Global Task Force of Local and Regional Governments prepared a Declaration as an outcome document of the Assembly which was organized as part of Habitat III.

Largest Participation from Local Governments and Civil Society Ever

The Conference, which witnessed the largest NGO and local government participation in the history of the United Nations, hosted more than 2.000 local and regional government representatives. The New Urban Agenda, the outcome document of the Conference serves as a guide of how sustainable urban development will be ensured throughout the world. The New Urban Agenda, which recognizes the sub-national and local governments as the strategic and operational partner of development, along with national governments, marks important gains for local government movement, pioneered by UCLG.

UN-HABITAT will now focus on implementation of the New Urban Agenda, within the framework of the Quito Implementation Plan. Quito Implementation Plan includes commitments of various partnerships aiming at contributing the implementation of the outcomes of Habitat III and of New Urban Agenda.


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