Secretary General

Dr. Mehmet DUMAN

Completed his higher secondary education in the English Department of Gazi Institute for Education in Ankara in 1980 and his BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Gazi University in 1989. In 1991, he attended UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) in Paris. Following his master’s degree in Public Administration from Gazi University in 1999, Dr. DUMAN completed his Ph.D. in Business Administration from Istanbul Ticaret University in 2022.

Starting his professional career at the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock, Republic of Türkiye, Dr.  DUMAN held several positions, including Officer, Senior Officer, Deputy Manager, and Staff Manager, as part of the institution. Subsequently, he worked as a Senior Officer, Education Specialist, and Branch Manager at the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Additionally, he acted as Branch Manager for United Nations and the European Community. In the same period, he appeared as a member of the Supervisory/Executive Board of UNESCO Türkiye National Commission as Ministry Representative.

As the Foreign Relations Manager, Head of IT Department, and Advisor to the Mayor at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Dr. DUMAN represented the municipality at Istanbul Olympic Games Preparation and Regulatory Board. Similarly, he served as a member of Supervisory/Advisory Boards and Vice President of the Executive Board of IMM subsidiaries, including Istanbul Fast Ferries Co. Inc. (IDO), Istanbul Tree and Landscape Co., Electronic Money and Payment Services Inc. (BELBIM), Istanbul Natural Gas Distribution Inc. (IGDAS), Great Istanbul Education Tourism and Health Investments Management and Trade. Inc. (BELTUR), Istanbul Transportation Inc., Istanbul IT and Smart City Technologies Inc., Istanbul Healthcare Inc., Istanbul Environment Management Industry and Trade Co. Inc., and Istanbul City Lines Inc.

Serving as the Founding Secretary General at Adapazarı Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. DUMAN appeared as a Member and Vice President of the Executive Board for the subsidiaries of the municipality, including Necessary Marketing Trade and Industry Inc. and Adapazarı Gas Distribution Inc.

He was appointed General Vice President of the Türkiye-Turkmenistan Association of Friendship and Fraternity, Local Administrations Association, and the Union of Academicians and Writers for Muslim World. Dr. DUMAN also appeared as Executive Board Member for Turkish Handball Federation and Turkish Taekwondo Federation.

As of 2003, he served as the Chief Counselor to the Prime Minister of Türkiye in addition to appearing as the Vice President of Social and Cultural Affairs and Secretary General of the Board for Protection of Minors from Sexually Explicit Materials within the Prime Minister’s Office for eight years. He was a Supervisory Board Member for Trakya Electricity Distribution Inc. and Executive Board Member for Turkish Maritime Organization.

Dr. DUMAN currently serves as Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA) and the Chairman of the Executive Board of World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD).

During his tenure at Prime Minister’s Office, other Ministries, and Municipalities, he attended various in-service training programs at different levels both in Türkiye and abroad; in addition to his incumbency at UCLG-MEWA and WALD, Dr. DUMAN participated in many national and international meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences representing the above-mentioned institutions and organizations. Dr. DUMAN also engaged in the preparation process of many international events organized in Türkiye and abroad that were widely participated in and appealed to the different sections of society.