UCLG-MEWA President

He is a Palestinian citizen born in Al Khalil (Hebron) in October 1954. He lived and grew up in Al Khalil around AL-Ibrahim Mosque. He studied and finished high school in Al Khalil. Later he moved to Amman- Jordan, for his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. He also has a second Bachelor’s in religious studies from the University of Jordan. On his return to Palestine, he worked as a mathematics teacher in Al Khalil’s schools and then started working at the Ministry of Al-Waqf. Five years later, he was appointed as the General Manager of the General Administration in the Ministry of Waqf in Al Khalil. In 2017, he ran for the first election in Al Khalil, the largest municipality in Palestine, and was elected as the Mayor of Al Khalil. Following his re-election as the mayor of Al Khalil in March 2022, he was elected as UCLG-MEWA President for the 2022-2025 term in May 2022 at the UCLG-MEWA Congress ‘2022.

Our Presidents

2004-2010: Arc. Dr. Kadir TOPBAŞ – Mayor of Istanbul

2010-2013: Maged Abu RAMDAN – Association of Palestinian Local Authorities

Rafiq MAKKI – Mayor of Gaza

Nizar HIJAZI – Mayor of Gaza

2013-2016: Dr. Mohammad Baqer QALIBAF – Mayor of Tehran

2016-2019: Fatma ŞAHİN – Mayor of Gaziantep

2019-2022: Mohamed SAADIE – President of Union of Dannieh Municipalities