UCLG World Organization

United Cities and Local Governments World Organization (UCLG) was established with the merger of IULA (International Union of Local Authorities), FMCU-UTO (World United Cities Federation), and METROPOLIS (World Metropolitan Union), as a result of the process that started with the Habitat II Conference taking place in Istanbul in 1996. The headquarter of UCLG is located in Barcelona, Spain. Its main aim is to be the united voice and worldwide advocate of democratic local governance and to protect its values, aims, and interests in cooperation with local governments and the international community. UCLG ensures the effective representation of local governments before the international community, encourages international cooperation between local governments and local government associations, and provides worldwide information as the primary source on local government. United Cities and Local Governments is the official voice of local governments before the United Nations on local government issues. UCLG currently represents 5 billion people, or 70% of the world’s population. The organization extends to all corners of the world and includes more than 240,000 towns, cities, regions, and metropolitan areas and more than 175 local and regional government associations in 140 countries.

Among the nine regional organizations worldwide, UCLG-MEWA is the Regional Organization of UCLG for  Middle East and West Asia.