UCLG-MEWA organized the presidency meeting of the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Social Inclusion on 23 January 2023. The online Meeting was co-hosted by UCLG-MEWA and the Union of Municipalities of Türkiye (UMT).
In the opening remarks during the Presidency meeting of the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Social Inclusion, Dr. Mehmet DUMAN, UCLG-MEWA Secretary General, highlighted the Committee’s activities in the previous term and offered his valuable insights on future events and activities. The Meeting was also attended by the Secretary General of UMT, Dr. Hayri BARAÇLI, Abdul Karim ZUBAIDI, Mayor of Salfeet, Palestine, and President of the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA), Abdallah ANATI, Executive Director of APLA, Mehmet AKTAŞ, Strategy Development Director at Sultanbeyli Municipality, Türkiye.
UCLG-MEWA General Coordinator Murat KODAZ gave information about the policy document of the Committee and exchanged ideas with the members of the Presidency regarding possible updates to the paper for the upcoming period. The focal point of the UCLG-MEWA Committee on Social Inclusion, Yehia Ibrahim, presented a PPT that drove the sessions throughout the past activities and planned activities for the future.
The Committee members, who take a keen part in the events and activities, were among the participants and speakers at the Meeting.
The Meeting was supported technically by Junaid RAFIQ Communication Officer at the UCLG-MEWA Communication and IT Department.

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