UCLG, in partnership with UCLG-MEWA and MCR 2030, has recently published a compilation of case studies on Resilience from diverse cities and countries in the Middle East and West Asia region.

The publication “Resilience Case Studies from Middle East and West Asia” aims to showcase successful examples of Disaster and Risk Reduction (DRR) and resilience building in Turkish and Arabic cities, offering a contextualized understanding of resilience building in the region.

The publication features contributions from Maan Chibli, Associate Professor at Bahçeşehir University and Former Mayor of Aleppo City, and Reycan Çetin, Lecturer at Yıldız Technical University – Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban and Regional Planning. The case studies cover many examples, from large metropolitan cities to smaller district municipalities, focusing on various areas and hazards.

These cases have been collected as part of the Resilience Learning Modules, developed by United Cities & Local Governments (UCLG) in collaboration with UNDRR and UN-Habitat. UCLG-MEWA has translated and adapted these modules into Turkish and Arabic, making the examples relevant and accessible to the wider audience in the region. The cases presented are linked to different chapters and lectures of the modules, providing models that can be used to facilitate and enrich the organization of training and workshops based on these guidebooks. This publication is a valuable resource for those looking to learn about resilience building and DRR in the Middle East and West Asia region.

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