‘’Smart City Gaziantep’’ Project which has been implemented by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Turkcell for almost a year, has saved 30 million Turkish Liras by the touch to the city life. ‘Smart City Gaziantep’ Project includes innovations such as smart stations on tram line that serves 1,5 million citizens every month, free WI-FI service on trams and autobuses,  7/24 call center, tracking system vehicles that are belong to municipality, fiber internet infrastructure, new technologies on irrigation of parks and gardens, and Turkcell En Yakın mobile application aiming at facilitating the citizens’ daily life. Together with the ‘Smart City Gaziantep’ project and by Turkcell’s Machine to Machine Technology, the heat control is provided to the place where The Giraffe Şakir lives, one of the famous residents of Gaziantep Zoo, which is the 3rd biggest zoo in Europe.

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