Being the second call of the European Partnership Driving Urban Transitions (DUT), which is co-funded by the European Commission under Horizon Europe, stage 1 of the DUT Call 2023 is now open for pre-proposal submission.

The purpose of this call for proposals is to support transnational research and/or innovation projects addressing urban challenges to help cities in their transition towards a more sustainable economy and functioning. The scope of this call is grouped into three themes called ‘Transition Pathways: Positive Energy Districts, the 15-minute City and Circular Urban Economies:

  1. Positive Energy Districts Pathway-PED
    1. PED topic 1: Energy Resilience and Energy Poverty
    2. PED topic 2: Urban Regeneration and Refurbishment
    3. PED topic 3: Enabling Systems for Local Energy Transitions: Collaboration and Sustainable Investment
  2. 15-minute City Pathway-15minC
    1. 15mC topic 1: Integrated Policies and Evidence to Reduce Car-dependency
    2. 15mC topic 2: Mobility and Planning Policies for Proximity-oriented Developments
    3. 15mC topic 3: Empower People for Urban Mobility Transitions
  3. Circular Urban Economies Pathway-CUE
    1. CUE topic 1: The Built Environment as a Resource Base
    2. CUE topic 2: Knowledge and optimisation of resources flows between urban and rural areas
    3. CUE topic 3: Planning and Designing urban areas with Nature: Towards a Regenerative Urbanism

 (For detailed information about the themes: )

The selected projects will be funded directly by national/regional funding agencies from the list of eligible countries. For the list of eligible countries and National/regional deadlines, please check Annex A of the Call Text here:

Stage 1 closing (pre-proposal submission deadline) at 21 November 2023, 13:00 CET

 Stage 2 closing (deadline submission of full proposals) at 30 April 2024, 13:00 CET

For further information:

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