In the face of an ongoing and profoundly troubling crisis, we find ourselves burdened with heavy hearts, obligated to respond immediately and firmly to the ongoing situation in Gaza, which is an important part of the UCLG-MEWA family and also the global municipal movement. UCLG-MEWA is represented by several municipalities in Gaza as members of the organization, with Gaza being the former president during the years 2010-2013. Since the 7th of October, the Gaza Strip has endured relentless military assaults, resulting in numerous deaths  and thousands  injured.

UCLG-MEWA, a steadfast advocate for peace and human rights, vehemently condemns these continuous attacks on civilians, their homes, hospitals, mosques, and ambulances, which clearly violates international law and human rights. Israeli Forces have taken drastic measures, including cutting off essential supplies such as food, water, electricity, fuel, and medicines to Gaza, pushing the population into despair, in addition to the continuous attempts to forcefully displace the two million residents in the Gaza Strip from their homes, with warnings issued to evacuate medical facilities and hospitals as well. We insist on the immediate restoration of essential supplies and the removal of blockades to facilitate humanitarian aid and medical assistance to the wounded.

We reiterate our unwavering support and solidarity with the inhabitants of Gaza. We call upon the international community to provide diplomatic and humanitarian support to raise worldwide awareness of this unprecedented humanitarian crisis and advocate for a peaceful and expeditious resolution to this protracted conflict.

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