5th UCLG Culture Summit was held in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, the pearl of Northwest Europe, the city where James Joyce is immortalized in his literary work, hosted by Dublin City Council and Dublin City Council Culture Company under the theme of ‘Culture. Future. Goal. We Act to Bring Local Visions to the Global Tables’ on November 28 and December 1.

At the Summit, participants gathered to discuss building a future centered on culture. The event emphasized that the concept of culture is an integral part of cities, while at the same time providing an opportunity to share urban experiences. The event was packed with sessions on various cultural themes, including panel discussions, programs and interactive meetings.

The session titled ‘Public Spaces, Communities, Trust, Artists’ was moderated by Dr. Mehmet Duman, UCLG-MEWA Secretary General, on 29 November. In his closing remarks, Dr. Mehmet Duman emphasized the importance of the connection between culture and the Sustainable Development Goals: “We have definitely encouraged a new awakening towards strengthening the foundations of Culture in our society and solidifying the notion of its inclusion as the fourth pillar of sustainable development. Culture is the core of our governing policies and a driving force for achieving the Sustainable Urban Future.”

Erdem Zekeriya İskenderoğlu, Head of Culture and Social Affairs in Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, presented the role of Cultural Activities in ensuring the achievement of SDGs in Trabzon.

In the “Culture. Future. Goal,” session at the Summit, deliberating upon the situation in Gaza Strip, Issa Kassis, Mayor of Ramallah, highlighting the initiatives of the Municipality in channelizing the Resilience against occupation through Culture.

The event focused on the importance of a Cultural Right and Culture Future Goal in the SDGs. At the end of the Summit, the Dublin Declaration, a final document on the outcomes, was adopted.

In addition, Dr. Mehmet Duman visited H. E. Mehmet Hakan Olcay, Turkish Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland in his office.

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