The Local Administrations Commission of the Climate Shura that was held in Konya between February 21-25, 2022 by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change, was completed with the participation of the representatives from the ministry, local administrations, NGOs, universities, and UCLG-MEWA.

The Climate Shura Local Government Commission, the first of which was held on January 7, the second on January 12, and the third on January 26, 2022, convened every day at the 5-day summit to finalize the policy document discussed in its online meetings, discussing draft articles, revising them for voting. These decisions were then reviewed at the round table meetings, and 25 policy proposals were determined to be submitted to the discretion of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change.

UCLG-MEWA also contributed to the commission with its thematic studies on the localization of the global agenda and the implementation of the 2030 and 2050 goals determined by the United Nations by local governments, the adoption of the targets of “Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action” by local governments, and the transition to green policies.

The Local Governments Commission, with its 25 decisions, encouraged local governments to prepare a climate change plan, and also expressed its suggestions for the implementation of the plans. Suggestions on several topics such as wastewater and water management, agriculture, afforestation, warning systems, and financing were presented to the ministry and local governments. While emphasizing the importance of regional and global partnerships for the localization and implementation of the documents such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the European Green Deal, it was suggested that the central governments should cooperate with local governments on climate change.

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