“Local Governments Project Cycle Management Training” took place on November 6, 2023 at Pendik Municipality Youth Camp with the collaboration of UCLG-MEWA and Pendik Municipality. The goal of the training has been to encourage the active participation of local governments in national and international projects. With the attendance of various representatives from municipalities and government institutions, the training has strengthened the active role of local governments in national and international projects.

The scope of the training covered subjects such as: project writing processes, project preparation phases, national and international grant programs, youth exchange projects, Eurodesk and, good project practices. Participants from municipality departments, including Strategy Development, External Affairs, R&D, Human Resources and Education, Youth and Sports, Culture and Social Affairs, have gained valuable input during the sessions.

The specialized trainers have provided the attendees with practical information regarding efficient project management, representation of local governments in the national and international arena, and effective project development. While introducing a broader perspective, the training also offered an opportunity for experience sharing between the participants.

After the training was concluded, certificates of participation were handed out to the participants by Dr. Mehmet Duman, UCLG-MEWA Secretary General, and Ahmet Cin, Mayor of Pendik. During the post-event feedback, the participants stated that they had benefited greatly from the training and that they had improved their ability to manage projects effectively.

In his delivery after the training, Dr. Mehmet Duman stated, “This training program had the purpose of encouraging the active role of local governments in projects and betterment of their self-expression in the national and international arena. The sessions that took place with the interest and active participation of the attendees, will ensure us to provide better service to our society by empowering local governments.”

Ahmet Cin has also indicated the importance of these training sessions and his faith in participants to implement the information that they have obtained here, to their projects in the future.

This training program stands out as a step towards increasing the capacity of local governments and their ability to effectively develop projects on a national and international scale. Organizing similar training sessions again and providing constant support to local governments will surely contribute to our society in moving towards a sustainable and fair future.

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