April is an amazing month in Adana.  Spring arrives earlier  to this town than it does to most other parts of the country.  Early april, when  the scent  of the  charming  orange flowers  dominate the city and seduce the people of Adana, they now also  know that  the most looked forward event of the year  is soon to arrive.  The Orange Blossom Carnival!  Thanks to the profound participation of the people of Adana ,  already in its third year the Carnival turned into  an amazing period of fun and creativity shared by tens of thousands of people.

This year there will be over 150 events in nearly a dozen activity points throughout the city. Most events will be 100% local, a fascinating level of participation from the citizens of the city.  Musicians, dancers, photographers, painters, handicraftsmen with original works of souvenir, this is a productive nest  and an opportunity to demonstrate the city’s  creativity, imagination and artistic face.

The carnival procession is estimated to gather  an impressive crowd; clubs, associations, schools, kids and families who will meet for the opening ceremony at the city’s Central Park –  ironically two decades ago  a huge orange garden in the middle of the town.

Colorful suits, hats and costumes, dragons and witches, most importantly lots of happy faces will populate the streets. Get ready to have fun and feel  this city’s  warm, Mediterranean spirit .  Welcome to  Adana’s Orange Blossom Carnival, the first true carnival in Turkey.

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