Training Seminars

To the Members of UCLG-MEWA,

 The World Association of the Major Metropolises in conjunction with the Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV) and municipality of Mashhad will conduct 2 parallel training seminars in Mashhad, Iran September 26-29, 2016.

In this 10th  joint training program with the Metropolis, the following topics are going to be taught by well-known experts:


1. Urban Projects Finance and Investment


  1. Urban project; from identification to implementation
  2. Urban Project funding and financing
  3. The valuation of land, as a means for financing urban projects
  4. PPPs basic concepts
  5. PPPs, from idea to action


  1. Urban Air Quality Management


  1. Introduction to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  2. Urban energy generation and use, and GHG and other pollution release
  3. Transportation’s role in climate change
  4. Mitigation technologies to reduce greenhouse gases emission
  5. GHG emission reduction: World best practices (case studies)
  6. Urban air quality monitoring and assessment
  7. Urban air quality: Hazardous air pollutants
  8. Air quality management and citizenship participation
  9. Socio-economic, health and well-being of the population
  10. Assess the extent to which experience is transferable from one country to another;


Target Public

  • Policy makers
  • Managers
  • Local professionals


  • English
  • Persian

Seating for each seminar is limited and the registration is free.  The comprehensive information will be sent to all participants and posted on the website in early September.


For more information:  Tel: +98 513 8490018 Email:                                    Web:

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