UCLG Decalogue

Dear members,
The UCLG network, its membership, secretariats and the community it represents have been living and working differently since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Local and regional governments are ready to lead this discussion, and the UCLG Presidency has agreed on a Decalogue as the basis for future steps.
Ten recommendations to change the world beyond the outbreak
The Decalogue for the post COVID-19 era is the political charter of UCLG in these times of crisis, building on the Durban Declaration and focusing on the commitment of local and regional governments to build a world of solidarity.
[Read the Decalogue here]
We invite all our UCLG members to share their comments on the Decalogue. You can do so by writing to policy@uclg.org, in one of the three working languages of UCLG (English, French and Spanish). The consultation process will remain open until 18th May.

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