UCLG’s first Executive Bureau Meeting in 2020 took place between 27-29 May 2020. The meeting, which is planned to be organized in Rome, Italy, was held online due to the current pandemic. The Financial Management Committee and the Committee on Statutory Affairs met on the 27th of May. Aiming to assess how to integrate climate action into COVID19 response and recovery measures, Ministerial Dialogue with Local and Regional Governments took place on 28 May. The last day of the online event witnessed the formal session of the Executive Bureau where members discussed the UCLG Consultation on the UN75 process as well as the UCLG strategy in the post-COVID era

The first day of our  Virtual Executive Bureau set the scene for days to come through the celebration of our Institutional Committees: The Financial Management Committee (FMC) and the Committee on Statutory Affairs (CSA). Chaired by Madelaine Alfelor, Mayor of Iriga, UCLG Treasurer, FMC members evaluated the financial health of the organization and addressed the budget and the financial state. In the CSA meeting chaired by UCLG President Mohamed Boudra, Mayor of Al-Hoceima, and by UCLG Co-President Jan Van Zanen, Mayor of Utrecht, participants addressed the renewal and the next stages of the organization in the post-COVID era.

The second day of the Executive Bureau hosted a Ministerial Dialogue, where representatives from UNEP, UN-Habitat, UNDP, as well as the members of the Global Taskforce such as ICLEI, CLGF, and the Global Covenant of Mayors, discussed the effective implementation of the climate agreements. Gathering over 200 participants and more than 50 panelists, the Dialogue provided an unprecedented opportunity for stronger communication among local government actors around the world.

The last day of UCLG Executive Bureau was dedicated to showcasing the vision of local and regional governments on multilateralism and Global Consultation Towards UN75, in which local and regional leaders from all over the world provided their visions, their hopes and their expectations for how the world will look like in 2045.

Many local government representatives from the MEWA Region, especially from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Tehran Municipality, and from the Union of Turkish Municipalities attended the 3-day online meeting. Mr. Uğur İbrahim ALTAY, UCLG Co-President, and Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality also actively participated in the sessions.

You can check the UCLG-MEWA website for the final documents of the meeting and other details.

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