Under the auspices of UCLG-MEWA, a collaborative effort between UCLG-MEWA and Gebze Municipality led to a comprehensive series of meetings and on-site visits. This initiative took place on January 9, 2023, encompassing visits to both Pendik Municipality and Sultanbeyli Municipality.

As part of the organized meetings and field visits aimed at enhancing collaboration among UCLG-MEWA members, the Pendik Municipality Project Office and the Sultanbeyli Municipality Digital Transformation and Competence Development Center were explored. The sessions facilitated the convergence of three district municipalities, fostering the exchange of insights into their endeavors related to employment, youth initiatives, and various projects.


During the visit to the Pendik Municipality Project Office, Rüveyda Güzel Özdemir, representing the Pendik Municipality Foreign Relations Directorate, highlighted the Istanbul Development Agency’s (İSTKA) initiative aimed at cultivating skilled professionals and facilitating employment opportunities within the industry and service sectors. She emphasized that development agencies like İSTKA are pivotal in conducting comprehensive regional planning.

On the other hand, it was stated that the project team in Pendik Municipality is interested in a wide range of issues and that they have carried out national and international projects since 2006 and received grants for 58 projects.

Additionally, it was mentioned that the project team at Pendik Municipality demonstrates a keen interest in diverse subjects, having successfully executed national and international projects since 2006. Notably, they have secured grants for 58 projects, showcasing their commitment to fostering development and innovation.

Continuing the meeting, details were provided on various fronts, including applications for National Agency projects, achievements in securing Erasmus+ grants for sports, European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects, and comprehensive insights into the progress of 8 ongoing initiatives.


During the visit to the Sultanbeyli Municipality Digital Transformation Office, the Sultanbeyli Municipality Strategy Development Directorate delivered a presentation outlining the roadmap implemented in national and international projects.

During the presentation, aside from delving into the history of the Strategy Development Directorate, it was highlighted that the unit’s primary objective is to bolster institutional development within the municipality. The overarching vision is geared towards guiding various units. The outlined work areas encompass strategic management, statistical office, research and reporting, project development and writing, promotion and dissemination of projects, sustainable office, good governance office, and preservation of cultural heritage.

Mehmet Aktaş, the Director of Strategy Development at Sultanbeyli Municipality, proudly announced that their municipality took the lead in crafting the inaugural Voluntary Local Assessment (VLR) report within the MEWA Region. He emphasized that they incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into this groundbreaking report.

Aktaş emphasized the importance of collecting data for the preparation of projects and stated that it is healthier to collect data on all areas annually rather than collecting data separately for each project.

Highlighting the crucial role of literature review in project development, Aktaş emphasized the significance of gathering data through surveys and focus group discussions. He further outlined the municipality’s objective to establish a “decision support mechanism” by amalgamating diverse data towards a common goal through this study.

During the presentation, which also delved into Sultanbeyli Municipality’s project portfolio, it was revealed that they successfully executed 27 projects, earning them the prestigious ESC50 Quality Certificate.

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