UCLG-MEWA Follows Innovations in "Smart City" Technologies

Government ICT Conference, which was organized for the first time this year, was held on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 in the IT Valley in Gebze. During the Conference, which included a total of four sessions and 10 keynote speakers, topics such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber ​​Security, 5G, Blockchain Technologies were discussed in depth from the perspective of the public sector. Bringing public institutions together with the technology giants, the Conference began with presentations of the IT Valley executives explaining the vision of the institution. Following that, the President of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Sekip Avdagiç, came to the podium to make his presentation. He stated that technology, innovation and R&D constitute the three pillars of a country’s development. UCLG-MEWA Secretary General Mehmet Duman visited the booths of various technology companies and watched the robot show at Başakşehir Living Lab booth. In the last session, the problems and their possible solutions were discussed in 14 different roundtable meetings which allowed representatives of public institutions and companies to meet one-to-one. Having a committee working in the field of smart cities and urban mobility, UCLG-MEWA participated in the “Smart Homes” roundtable meeting which was a subtopic of “Smart Cities.” In this context, the questions such as “How do technology brands provide this service?”, “What should they pay attention to?”, “What kind of vision should they have?” were addressed. Furthermore, the participants, which included representatives of Vestel company, HAVELSAN company, Izmit Municipality, Beylikdüzü Municipality, Esenler Municipality and Gebze Municipality, discussed possible collaboration opportunities concerning the concept of smart city.

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