UCLG-MEWA held a meeting with the Turkish Water Institute (SUEN), headquartered in Üsküdar, on January 5, 2023, to carry out the potential cooperation process, ensure mutual institutional acquaintance, and discuss common working areas.

At the meeting, the UCLG-MEWA Delegation explained to the meeting participants the work carried out by the UCLG-MEWA Environment Committee in the MEWA Region, especially in Türkiye.

SUEN Capacity Development and Publications Coordinator Mustafa Salih Sarıkaya gave information about the work of SUEN, which carries out active projects in the MEWA Region. He talked about their role as representatives on international platforms, SUEN’s water policies, and their main duties.

Moreover, Sarıkaya discussed WATERMED 4.0, SUEN’s water efficiency project in agriculture within the scope of Blue Peace in the Middle East, and gave information about SUEN’s training on Water Governance, Integrated Basin Management, and Groundwater Management.

The meeting culminated in the decision to convene a second meeting, underscoring the commitment of both parties to furthering their collaborative efforts.

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