“Basic Project Cycle Training” was held for young people on 16 August at the UCLG-MEWA Secretariat. The Projects department carried out the training to facilitate the participation of young people in civil society and raise awareness, emphasizing the importance of local governments and democratic involvement; young people were allowed to develop innovative policies and exchange information in education, training, and youth.

The training aimed to encourage the active participation of young people between the ages of 18 – 29 in civil society activities, enabling them to participate in youth programs held in Türkiye and abroad and increase their competence. Young people from different fields and professions participated in the training. Fatih Gökyıldız, Coordinator Projects department, provided the training.

The training included:

Project Cycle Training: Basic project management information covering the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation stages of the projects was conveyed to the participants. Thus, detailed training was given on the common elements of the project, critical questions in project management, project life cycle, parameters, and project management. Participants got an idea about the project process.

Participation and Writing in Youth Exchange Projects: Guidance was provided on how young people can participate in youth exchange projects. In this context, short-term projects that young people can join in Europe were explained with examples. This part of the training was interactive, and the audience’s active participation was ensured. Afterward, the participants were told how to write a practical youth exchange project.

Participation in ESC and DiscoverEU Projects: Information was provided on how young people can be involved in ESC projects, where they will gain a long experience abroad. Participants who wanted to experience long-term volunteering within the scope of ESC Projects were presented with the subject, and their questions were answered.

EURODESK Information: A presentation about EURODESK was made to the participants. The contact points in Istanbul and how to follow this process were explained.

At the end of the training, UCLG-MEWA Secretary General Dr. Mehmet Duman briefly interacted with the participants and felicitated them with a “Certificate of Participation.”

UCLG-MEWA aims to encourage the active participation of young people through this training to contribute effectively to civil society and democratic processes as future leaders. It plans to continue such training to increase the potential of young people and support the strengthening of civil society.

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