“Training on Urban Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction for Arab Cities” organized by UCLG-MEWA, UCLG Learning, UNDRR, and ATO will take place on 1-2 November in Dibba Al Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

Within the scope of the training, participants will obtain conceptual background information by means of the presentations of Resilience and DRR experts and have the opportunity to discuss at round tables, share their experiences and find a mutual learning environment. Thus, the resilience of cities and therefore the region against disasters will be increased and the negative effects of disasters will be minimized.

By means of the training, it is aimed to develop the risk management skills of local and regional administrations, identify the sources of funds that can be utilized, lead the formation of strategies and action plans regarding disaster risk reduction and disaster risk management, and therefore, prevent the interruption of economic and social life due to disasters. The training primarily aims at ensuring that the technical personnel working for local governments gain knowledge.

Resilience Learning Module

There are many practices to be carried out in order to strengthen the resilience of cities. One of the alternatives in this regard is to improve the capacity of local governments, which are among those mainly responsible for taking precautions against disasters, managing the disaster process, and ensuring post-disaster recovery via training. In this context, “Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Urban Resilience Training” designed by UCLG-MEWA on the basis of Sendai Framework and Resilience Learning Module I prepared by UCLG, UNDRR, and UN-Habitat offers local governments the opportunity to develop their capacities in this area.

During the two-day training, theoretical background information on disaster risk management and disaster risk reduction will be given and cases selected by experts from the region will be examined. Prepared by means of the localization of the Resilience Learning Module I, the training is planned to be held in other cities in the Middle East and West Asia as well.


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