UCLG-MEWA, Union of Municipalities of Türkiye (UMT), Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) and The Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) held an online meeting on “Earthquakes and Recovery Process” to discuss potential areas of cooperation and to receive information about the activities of the members of the Working Group.

Hosted by UCLG-MEWA, the meeting was attended by UCLG-MEWA General Coordinator; Murat KODAZ, UCLG-MEWA International Relations Coordinator; Osman ÇORUMLU, UCLG-MEWA Committee on Social Inclusion Focal Point; Yehia Ibrahim, UMT Head of Project and Financing Department; Cemal BAŞ, UMT Director of Foreign Relations Department; Gülfem KIRAÇ KELEŞ, Regional Manager and Director of CILG-VNGi/ Business Unit Middle East & North Africa; Neila AKRIMI, Project Manager / Business Unit Middle East & North Africa; Albert van HAL,
APLA Executive Director; Abdallah ANATI, APLA Communications and Advocacy Officer; Nadine NAKHLEH.

Murat KODAZ, with his opening remarks highlighted promising points for potential collective actions of the working group. He emphasized the need to increase good practices and communication and coordination between the working group.

Albert van HAL highlighted the joint Food Aid project with between UMT and VNG, Cemal BAŞ, however, deliberated on the details of the project. Subsequently, Abdallah ANATI emphasized on the four year strategy of APLA and their contribution to the working group. Neila AKRIMI talked about the cash aid fund collected and the event to be held in Marrakech. The meeting ended after the framework was drawn for the steps to be taken by the working group.

Technical support was provided by Junaid RAFIQ from UCLG-MEWA Communications and IT Coordinator’s Office.

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