On February 21, 2024, UCLG-MEWA attended to the opening ceremony of “Before Traces Disappear,” a photography exhibition hosted by Bağcılar Municipality, one of its council members. The  event was organized with an aim to provide evidence for the traces of Ottoman-Turks, in the Southern Cyprus.

Ersin Tatar, President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Mahmut Özçınar, President of the Union of Turkish Municipalities of Cyprus and Mayor of Güzelyurt, and Abdullah Özdemir, Mayor of Bağcılar were among the high-level figures of the event.

Speaking at the launch of the exhibition, Mahmut Özçınar stated that the artifacts, which are being represented via the exhibition, should be included in UNESCO World Heritage List and the agenda of the European Parliament.

Underlining the importance of peace and security, and the Turkish presence on the Island, Ersin Tatar said, “We do not forget the South either. We have many artifacts there; we have our history, our memories there.  We struggled  there.  However, when it comes to the realities of Cyprus, we do believe that for the everlasting peace and security, a two-state solution is essential.”

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