Universal Child Rights Day

20 November Universal Child Rights Day is a celebration day for the recognition of children’s rights together with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted in 1989. Creating awareness on child’s rights and children who so not access these rights is one of the goals of celebration of this day.

The Convention’s basic values, which recognize every person who are under the age of 18 as a child, are not to be discriminated, to watch the benefit of children, to live and grow, and to participate.

In our world, every clash and war mostly affect children. In many parts of the world, many children are forced to leave their country, and look for a hope in order to find a safer home passing through thousands of kilometers, and even crossing the seas. These children’ dead bodies, who are seen as a “threat” by some groups, are hitting the European shores, or devastating while trying to pass the borders, every day. On top of that, this desperate situation is neither the children’s choice, nor in their control.

This year, as we are celebrating with a bittersweet joy than any other years, we are calling for local authorities and central governments to provide any kind of support and assistance for our children who are our future, in order for them to live their rights fully, and in safer environments winsomely, and we are hoping all the clashes in the regions and streets where children can play again, will come to an end as soon as possible.

With the aim of having a peaceful future that we will build all together again for our children and where every children and individual are aware of the children rights, and enforce and implement them, we wish you a happy Universal Child Rights Day.


Please click : Rights of the Child.pdf


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