During the bilateral meeting held on 5 October 2021 at the General Secretariat of the United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA) in Istanbul, Turkey, the situation of local governments in Palestine as well as ways to accelerate efforts to strengthen the relations with UCLG-MEWA were discussed.  During the meeting, Yasmin Alhayek, Coordinator of UCLG-MEWA Department on Relations with International Organizations, presented the organization’s structure, working areas, and ongoing activities of UCLG-MEWA.

Secretary General Mehmet Duman emphasized the importance of local governments in Palestine to take part more effectively in the activities of UCLG-MEWA, and presented the delegation UCLG-MEWA’s publications in the Arabic language.

After the meeting, Mayor Al-Soofi participated online in the 2nd World Forum of Intermediary Cities hosted by Kütahya Municipality in Turkey. 

Speaking at the special session titled “Acting on Climate Justice: Enabling Intermediary Cities to join the Race to Resilience & Race to Zero”, Al-Soofi called for cooperation among all stakeholders to overcome the humanitarian crisis affecting the city of Rafah. 

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