Mehmet Duman, Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA), and the accompanying delegation paid a visit to Nilüfer City Council on 6 January 2016.

Mr. Duman, UCLG-MEWA Secretary General, negotiated with Şazi Çavuşoğlu, President of the City Council, and his team. Giving information about the meeting on City Councils planned to be held in 2016, Mr. Duman said: “As UCLG-MEWA, we will continue to support the City Councils within the bounds of possibility to create an urban common sense.”

Mr. Duman and Mr. Çavuşoğlu expressed their wish to continue the progressive cooperation between UCLG-MEWA and Nilüfer City Council. Mehmet Duman, UCLG-MEWA Secretary General, presented a plaque to Şazi Çavuşoğlu, President of Nilüfer City Council, at the end of his visit.

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